Radiography, Ultrasound, Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Endoscopy

Our diagnostic suite houses specialist equipment to help us to investigate the cause and extent of many problems.

We have the most up to date digital X-ray facilities for high quality images and optimum safety. X-ray images can be shared with owners on the consulting room screens the same day.

Our ultrasound equipment includes colour-flow doppler to indicate blood flow patterns, vital when assessing heart problems. Ultrasound is also used for many investigative procedures from imaging eyes to pregnancy scans. An electrocardiogram, or ECG, is used to measure the electrical function of the heart. This may be part of an overall assessment including X-ray and ultrasound procedures.

We have two fibre-optic endoscopes of different diameters. The larger unit is used to see inside an animals gastrointestinal (digestive) tract and makes it possible to take biopsy samples without the need for major surgery. The other, thinner scope, called a bronchoscope, is used to visualise much narrower passages such as the airways of cats and small dogs and, similarly, can collect tissue or fluid samples from the airway or from within the lung.