Our winner this month is the lovely 3½ year old, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Sammy. Sammy has been coming to Castle Vets for socialisation and habituation visits because he was absolutely terrified of visiting the practice and was so nervous that the vets could not examine him properly. Sammy’s dedicated owner has been working with veterinary… Read more »

This handsome boy is 5 year old Bertie Bertie came in Castle Vets to see the vet in early May because his right eye was very sore due to an infection or injury. Unfortunately Bertie’s eye did not improve with treatment, his condition got much worse and his eye ruptured.  Bertie needed an operation to remove… Read more »

As many people will have heard in the news today, there have been 2 confirmed cases of cat-to-human transmission of Mycobacterium Bovis (M.Bovis) – the bacteria that causes Tuberculosis (TB) in cattle and other species. There are a number of important factors to bear in mind about these reports and hopefully these will allay fears,… Read more »

  Permethrin poisoning is one of the most commonly reported poisonings in cats worldwide and unfortunately at Castle Vets, we see cats suffering from this preventable poison quite regularly. International Cat Care has launched a campaign to educate owners and raise awareness of Permethrin toxicity. They have also started a petition for better regulation of… Read more »

Rabbits are becoming more popular as pets in the UK and we now have many devoted bunny owners visiting the practice each week. These small furries make wonderful pets in the right hands and come in many different sizes and colours, so there is something for everyone. Rabbits are social, intelligent and inquisitive creatures who… Read more »

Dog theft is on the increase in the UK with and estimated 3500 thefts reported in 2013, so we want to make dog owners aware of this worrying trend. The theft of a much loved pet and companion can be absolutely devastating to the whole family and it is not just something that happens to pedigree dogs…. Read more »

This lovely girly is Apple-Pie, a 4yr old Pointer. Apple-Pie had a bad road traffic accident in August and was immediately referred to the Royal Veterinary College for surgery to fix her badly broken left hind leg. Apple-Pie had to have her bones pinned and an external fixator applied to keep the pins in place,… Read more »

This lovely boy is Diego, a 5 year old Bengal cat. Diego initially came in to us as an emergency case in April because he had ingested something toxic. The toxins in his body caused extreme mouth ulceration and more seriously, kidney failure. At that time Diego was given a very guarded prognosis because we… Read more »

Most cats find travelling outside their home to be a very stressful experience. Cats aren’t stupid, they know that the cat carrier means a trip to the vet where they will be poked and prodded, often when they are already feeling under the weather. Or it could be a trip to the cattery while you… Read more »

Travelling with your dog

We travel with our dogs for a variety of reasons; it may just be for the occasional short trip to the vet or the park, but occasionally we also like to take our dogs on longer journeys or away on holiday with us. At Castle Vets we often get asked about the best way to transport… Read more »

Bertie, a lovely 2 year old Pekingese, came in to us at the beginning of March because he was having difficulty passing urine and was feeling a bit under the weather. Bertie had a urine test that revealed blood and an alkaline pH, and an ultrasound scan which confirmed that there were some uroliths (bladder… Read more »