Gizmo – Star Pet February

We would like to introduce you to Gizmo, who was nominated to be a Star Pet by the Castle Vets team this week

Gizmo having cuddles with vet Leo

11 year old Gizmo was involved in a road traffic accident on 14th January and was initially triaged and given emergency care by Vets Now. He was in severe shock after being run over while crossing the road and was left with a fractured jaw and a crushed right foreleg.

The following day the Castle Vets team took over Gizmo’s care and assessed his injuries, we repaired his fractured jaw and a special feeding tube was fitted so that he could be fed by the nurses as he could not eat. As you can imagine Gizmo was very sore and needed lots of pain relief and care.

Sadly Gizmo’s leg was too badly damaged to save, so he needed to have it amputated. This operation was performed once he was stable enough to cope with the surgery.

Thankfully Gizmo is a fighter and made a very quick recovery; One day after the amputation surgery Gizmo was eating by himself again and two days after surgery Gizmo was learning to walk on 3 legs, which he mastered very quickly!

Gizmo was able to return home 8 days after his accident and we are happy to report that he is doing great and coping really well on 3 legs.