Pet Of The Month November 2013

ImageThis lovely boy is Diego, a 5 year old Bengal cat.
Diego initially came in to us as an emergency case in April because he had ingested something toxic. The toxins in his body caused extreme mouth ulceration and more seriously, kidney failure. At that time Diego was given a very guarded prognosis because we just didn’t know if he would pull through. Over the next weeks Diego spent a lot of time with us in our hospital ward receiving intensive care from the vets and nurses along with intravenous fluids and medication.


Diego in the Castle Vets feline hospital ward.
He clearly objected to the pink leg bandage so he removed it.

Now 7 months on, Diego is still going strong! He visits us regularly for check ups and blood tests to monitor his condition, but it is thanks to his extremely dedicated owner that Diego has gone from strength to strength. His owner has to give Diego daily bolus injections of fluids under the skin to help support his failing kidneys, as well as giving oral medications. (There are not many cats would tolerate sitting still long enough for injections of fluids every day)

Diego has amazed the staff at Castle Vets and is doing really well at home, where he loves being in the company of his owner and playing with his sister Dora.

2013-06-13 14.09.14

Our Pet of The Month Winners are pets that have been  nominated by the staff at Castle Vets. Each pet wins a toy to take home.
If you think your pet could be our pet of the month please ask a member of staff to nominate him or her.

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