Alabama Rot In Dogs

Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy (CRGV) is a rare, but often fatal disease that is affecting dogs in the UK. This disease is usually referred to as Alabama Rot by dog owners because it has similar clinical signs to a disease found in the USA that affected Greyhounds. Although rare, this disease has been diagnosed or… Read more »

Ears are very sensitive organs that are not only necessary for hearing, but are also responsible for maintaining balance. In some animals they also play a very important part in communication, with them using their ears to express what they are feeling, for example pricked up ears are usually seen in alert animals and ears laid… Read more »

Most cats find travelling outside their home to be a very stressful experience. Cats aren’t daft, they know that the cat carrier means a trip to the vet where they will very likely be poked and prodded, often when they are already feeling poorly or sore. Or it could be a trip to the cattery… Read more »

Help Your Pet Lose Weight

Pet obesity is a growing problem in the United Kingdom with an estimated 1 in 3 dogs, cats and rabbits being overweight. Pet obesity is an extremely serious welfare issue in our pets for the following reasons Obesity is a preventable disease caused by being fed too many calories Obesity can cause a lot of… Read more »

Caring For Older Pets

Our pets are living much longer than ever before, thanks to more knowledge as owners and advances in veterinary care, medicine and nutrition which is great news. Old age comes to different animals and breeds at different times, for example, a cat may be considered as a senior at around 9-11 years old and a… Read more »

We see many cats with urinary tract problems such as cystitis all throughout the year and it is a fairly common complaint in both male and female cats of all ages.  Cystitis (which literally means inflammation of the bladder), Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) and Idiopathic Cystitis are terms that are used by veterinary… Read more »

Christmas & Pets

Now we are on the countdown to Christmas, many of us will be putting up the tree and decorations over the coming weeks. Your pets may also find this time of year very exciting and even come up with some novel games like ‘Climb the indoor sparkly tree’, ‘eat the Christmas decorations as fast as… Read more »

Winter Pet Care

Just like us, the colder months can be a challenge the health and well-being of our pets. Most animals will bound through the chillier months in full health, but we need to be mindful that changes in temperatures and shorter days can have a real impact on the health and happiness of some of our… Read more »