Owning a pet is a very rewarding experience, but pet ownership also includes a lifelong financial responsibility for their care. Unfortunately there is no animal NHS and a long-term illness that requires many repeat visits or an emergency visit to you vet if your pet is ill or injured can be quite expensive and for that reason we recommend pet insurance.

One of the most distressing situations both pet owners and vets can find themselves in is when a pet’s problem is curable but the cost of treatment is too expensive and owners just can’t afford to have the treatment carried out. Pet insurance allows the best possible treatment for your animal and, above all, gives you peace of mind and ensures that your pet will get the best care without the cost of treatment becoming a limiting factor.

Unfortunately veterinary staff are not permitted to give advice on particular insurance companies or their policies in most cases, however we can give you a general idea about choosing the right policy for your pet so please see our fabulous Pet Insurance Guide for more information.

What does pet insurance cover?

Pet insurance generally covers all illnesses and injuries your pet may have but other benefits can include

  • Third party liability cover if your pet injures someone or damages someone’s property.
  • Paying the price of purchase if your pet is lost, stolen or dies
  • The cost of advertising or reward if your pet is lost or stolen
  • Kennel fees if you have to go to hospital for emergency treatment
  • Cancelled holiday If you have to cancel because your pet needs emergency surgery
  • Cost of emergency treatment abroad if you take your pet on holiday under the pet travel scheme

Pet insurance will not cover any pre-existing illnesses or conditions. The insurance company will usually request your pet’s clinical history from your vet to check for previous problems.

How to make a pet insurance claim with Castle Vets

We will work with you to ensure that your claim is dealt with swiftly and that you get your money back as quickly as possible. If your veterinary bill is likely to exceed £250, it may be possible to arrange a Direct Claim, where your insurance company pays Castle Vets directly.

Please read the Insurance Claims Policy Handout 2021 for more information about making and submitting a claim.