Run by John Redbond, an experienced and qualified Registered Veterinary Nurse who has undergone specialised training in dermatology, he is able to advise on and investigate several types of skin problems and allergic reactions.

John is able to offer first line response to dermatological (or skin) problems which can then be taken further by a veterinary surgeon. Alternatively, once your pet has been diagnosed by a vet, you may be referred to John for follow-up treatment and on-going support.

So if your pet appears to have itchy skin or recurrent ear or paw problems please call us for a check-up.

There are several causes of itchiness in pets. Flea and other parasites are often the cause but allergies can also be a big problem, especially as the weather gets warmer.

Inhaled allergies arising from a surge in pollen levels from trees, weeds and grasses can lead to seasonal allergies in humans and pets alike. Many dogs, cats and horses can be allergy sufferers, but their symptoms differ from humans. Whilst we sneeze, pets tend to show skin symptoms – becoming itchy. In dogs, the paws and ears are often affected first but generalised itchiness can follow.

Flea allergies are another common problem. Cats in particular may become allergic to the saliva of fleas, leading to a very intense skin irritation and hair loss. Many pets are also allergic to food components in their diet – leading to diarrhoea and/or itchy skin.

Food allergies usually respond well to a change of diet once the problem ingredient has been identified whilst effective flea control products, those containing the correct active ingredient for use on your pet, will help animals suffering flea allergy problems.

Some allergies cannot be cured and may require management for life although avoiding contact with the allergen or medication to alleviate the symptoms can be hugely beneficial.

The good news is that a simple blood test, skin scrape or hair pluck can now tell us a lot about the underlying cause of an allergy allowing us to devise a suitable treatment.